Visit Nigeria

Agency: XOX Digital

Client: Nigerian ministry of tourism

Focus: Interaction design & Brand Identity, Strategy, Digital Consultancy  

While unique in heritage, landscape and cultural attractions, Nigeria currently lacks an influential platform to showcase the best of the nation with the world. It needs a service skilfully woven around shared experiences and digital expertise that will excite and compel the global traveller.

The brand identity and user interface designs are inspired by the Nigerian coat of arms. Use of colour gradients, displayed in the green and red tones are motivated by the diversity of the nation, rich agricultural heritage, and the iconic reference of the Eagle in celebration of sporting legacy.

Patterns evoke a personal expression of culture, whilst fluidity of typography and graphic elements pay direct homage to rivers Niger and Benue. Compelling a design that is free from harsh edges and abrupt lines much like the sentiments and manner of the Nigerian people.

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Creative direction: Fidelis Akoh

Strategy  Leads: Titus Akoh, Fidelis Akoh

Year: 2016 - 2017