Djondo Fellowship

Agency: Brand comms

Client: Djondo fellowship

Focus: Web Interface, digital design,

The Djondo fellowship mission is simple: to encourage and support more African companies to go pan-African; to cross borders; and by so doing help accelerate regional integration. The team’s aim was to develop a compelling digital experience for the Djondo Fellowship that leverages the reputation of its founder, Gervais Djondo -expressing itself as proudly African-for-Africa, and appealing to a youth-oriented but senior audience: Africa’s business leaders taking their business cross-border. The chosen look/feel was inspired entirely by African design heritage, and the customer-centric layouts and vibrant photography ensured a youth-friendly feel.

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Creative Director: Kam Devsi

Strategy  Leads: Charles walker

Project Management: Anne Collins,

Interaction Design: Fidelis Akoh

Year: 2016 - 2017